Adult Beginner Lessons


Most adults and older kids/teenagers who come for lessons already have their own individual taste in music and have some idea of what they want to play so the first stages are aimedĀ  to working towards learning the technique required for playing music straight away rather than focusing too much onĀ  learning theory and how to read music.

There are few basics that I teach to everyone. It’s good to get into the right habits straight away as this will make everything a lot easier for you in the long run. We’ll start by making sure your holding your pick and your guitar in the best way then I’ll make sure you know how to tune it. Next we’ll go over some basic chords and how to switch between them efficiently. The next step will be to learn how to strum in time with a song. We’ll then use this to play some simplified versions of songs.

With regular practice you’ll be able to play the simplified guitar parts in time with the original song or even play along with a singer (or sing it yourself if your feeling brave.)

After that we’ll go through some single note lines (usually called “Riffs”). These are great as when your playing guitar on its own with out a backing track or singer people will recognise the song you’re playing straight away!

Along the way you’ll learn how to read a chord chart and how to read tablature (a simple form of guitar notation)