Adult Intermediate Lessons

Once you’ve mastered the basics and got some recognisable tunes you can play you’ll probably be eager to get to the next level.

Your goal might be to start playing full songs exactly as they are on the record. At this point you can start choosing which songs you want to do. Some people give me a list of songs they like and I start with the easiest and go from there. Others will pick one or two songs each week. If the song is new or not very well known there might not be tablature or chord charts for it online. In this case I can usually transcribe the song for you before your next lesson.

The skills learn at this level will depend on your taste in music. For example if you like acoustic singer song writers you will probably learn about finger picking, capos and maybe altered tunings. If you listen to punk rock you’ll have to know your power chords really well and be able to strum fast rhythms and master muting techniques.I’ll explain the necessary theory and technique knowledge that is relevant to each song you learn as you learn which will maximise your progress as a guitarist.

Once you can play along with a few of your favourite tunes then you might want to start performing in some way. This could mean playing to your friends and family at home, making some youtube videos or even starting a band and playing gigs.

At this point its worth studying the guitar and music in a bit more detail. I will teach you how to improvise lead guitar, how to adapt a song so it can be played live and how to learn songs by ear. This will involve learning some scales and understanding a bit about rhythm and how songs are structured. This will allow you to work with other musicians and play live to a high standard.

We will also help you learn to write your own songs and develop your own style if that’s what you want to do.