An exciting new challenge for your child that will stay with them into their adult life.


If your child has expressed an interest in learning the guitar then you are very fortunate. Learning a musical instrument has such a high positive affect on a young person’s life.

Kid’s usually see their guitar lessons as a fun activity that they do after school and as a cool skill to impress their friends with. Playing guitar defiantly is fun and impressive but at  the same time they’re learning so much more than that without even realising it! They are learning the value of perseverance and will develop a new kind of confidence that will benefit them in many other aspects of their life.

After many years of teaching in schools, guitar shops and private lessons I have developed an extensive range of teaching methods that I will use to help your child reach their goals.

Your child can have one to one lessons or attend group lessons, depending on what you think is the best learning environment for them.

Lessons in Schools

We provide an exiting but well structured learning experience for children of all ages. Our tutors all have extensive experience working with kids form all different backgrounds and ability levels and we are fully committed to ensuring that every child has an opportunity to learn the guitar. All our tutors are highly qualified and D.B.S checked.

Primary School Lessons

Our kid’s guitar has been friend and tested for many years and is a great way to get kid’s started.  We focus on encouraging the children to get into a regular practice routine. To accomplish this, we provide every student and parent with a variety of recourses to help them with practice in-between lessons.
These include:
  1. The Marvel Guitar Practice Diary
  2. Check lists, so that the students and parents can clearly see what goals they are working towards
  3. Certificates for kids who reach their practice targets.
  4. video tutorials to help kids remember the lesson material
  5. Reading material for parents to help them understand the learning process.

High School Lessons

For high school students we base our lessons on the Rock-school and Registry of Guitar Tutors syllabus. These give students the opportunity to sit external exams and gain qualifications that are worth UCAS points. 
We are also more than aware that most teenagers are very particular about who they want to work with! As well as academic qualifications, our tutors are all gigging musicians. Learning from a real musician who plays gigs and records their own music always makes it more exiting for the students.