One to One Lessons

Most beginners have a half hour lesson once a week. The first lesson is completely FREE with no obligation to book more lessons.

After that we offer an introductory rate of £70 for the next 5 lessons if paid for in advance.

My standard rate after the first 5 lessons is £15 for half an hour or £30 for an hour.

Duo Lessons

Duo lessons work really well in a lot of different formats such as two adults learning together, two kids together or children learning with their parents.

Learning with a friend or family member can make the lessons more fun and can really help you build confidence.

There are a lot more activities that you can do in duo lessons, such as learning to play songs together and learning to jam with each other. It also gives you the opportunity to practice together outside of the lessons.

Also it makes the cost of the lesson cheaper for each person.

For two person lessons each student pays £9 for half an hour or £18 for an hour.

Group Lessons (3 or 4 per group)

Small group lessons are great for kids. They are used to learning in a group lesson format at school and the kids learn to work together as a team and help each other learn.

For group lessons each student pays £8 for half an hour or £16 per hour if there are 3 in a group, If there are 4 in a group it’s £7/half an hour or £14/hour.

Terms and conditions:

I do not have contracts or sign up forms for students or parents to sign. My teaching business works because of a mutual respect and understanding between myself and my students and their parents.

I ask that if a lesson is cancelled with less that 48 hours notice then the lesson is paid for in full.

Lessons can be paid for on the day of the lesson in cash or cheque or can be paid as a bank transfer. You can also pay monthly if you prefer.