Mike’s tutoring has really helped me to improve my guitar technique, and I’ve found it easier and more enjoyable performing on stage. Mike has helped me get the basic techniques nailed — and that’s really helped me when recording a recent EP. Having this foundation has enabled me to concentrate more on vocals and songwriting.

One of the best things about Mike’s lessons, is that we’ve done a lot of the theory behind the guitar playing. For a singer-songwriter, that’s invaluable. It’s helped me think differently about the way I construct songs. I also find that I’m listening to a wider range of singer-songwriters, and thinking about the way songs and arrangements are put together.

Tom Kerswil

I’m learning to play guitar just for fun and so I appreciate how relaxed the lessons are and how flexible Mike has always been with what we cover in the lessons, allowing me to choose what we spend the time working on.  I’ve asked to learn a whole range of different songs from different genres and Mike’s always been willing to build lessons around the songs I’ve asked to learn.

I like the way that he includes music theory in the lessons as well, showing how it relates to the songs I’m learning and putting it in context.
Tim Pettinger

If spending an hour learning a new skill whilst laughing your head off sounds like time well spent, then Mike’s the guitar teacher for you. Mike is super friendly and makes you feel instantly comfortable. Every lesson is tailored to you and your individual progress and Mike will motivate you by tapping into your own musical interests and learning style. He is full of enthusiasm, even in the face of some pretty terrible riff attempts on my part, and will always take the time to ensure you are happy with each step of your journey to becoming a guitar hero. He also awards awesome stickers, even to the grown ups – a major plus in my book, and he will lend you his plectrum any day of the week. Guitar lessons with Mike are an experience everyone should have on their bucket list.
Sarah Bailey-Withers