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There's no substitute for one to one lessons but I do try to give as much free content to the world as possible. 

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Beginners Videos

The Basics (use these videos along with my free ebook to get started)

Your First Lesson

How to Tune Your Guitar

Your First Three Chords

Tips For Faster Chord Changes

Strumming For Beginners

Stretches For Beginner Guitarists

Beginners Riffs

Great Riffs For Beginners to practice. Use the video links below and download the PDF guitar tabs HERE

1. "Beat It" by Michael Jackson

2. "Come As You Are" by Nirvana

3. "Day Tripper" by The Beatles

4. "Iron Man" by Black  Sabbath 

5. "When The Sun Goes Down" by Arctic Monkeys

6. "Use Somebody" by Kings Of Leon

7. "One" by Metallica 

8. "Walk This Way" by  Aerosmith 

9. "Where Is My Mind" The Pixies

Intermediate Videos

"The Treehouse Sessions"

I filmed this series at Cronkshaw Farm. These are some informal tips on how to make simple chords sound awesome.

The key is to learn groups of 3 or 4 chords at a time, learn variations of the chords that make switching between chords easier and learn strum patterns and picking patterns that you can use for thousands of songs.

Episode 1: Group 1 Chords A D E

Episode 2: Group 2 Chords E A B7

Episode 3: Group 3 Chords G Em C D

Episode 4: Group 4 Chords C Am F G

Episode 5: Group 5 Chords D Bm G A

Episode 6: Strum pattern 1 (Down Strums)

Episode 7: Strum Pattern 2 (Down Up Strumming)

Episode 8: Coming soon...

Episode 9: Coming soon...

Episode 10: Coming soon...

Episode 11: Coming soon...

Episode 12: Coming soon...

Episode 13: Coming soon...

Episode 14: Coming soon...

Advanced Videos 

These are some of the techniques I get asked about all the time when I'm gigging. Not for the faint hearted

Sweep Picking

Bends + Vibrato master class

Acoustic Harmonics master class

Soul + 60s Rock Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Finger Yoga For Guitarists