Marvel Guitar Tuition

Here you can see a few examples of what our students have been up to. Some just like to play for fun others have recorded and released their own music.


Original song by my awesome student Jax. He wrote the song himself, the guitar and vocals on the track are all him and he even did the artwork too! Jax has a few more original songs on the go that we are working on in his lessons



Nick has taken his music to the next level. As well as his weekly lessons Nick has been booking recording sessions with me on and off for the past year or so. He composed this music himself, played guitars, bass and keyboards. We’re currently working on adapting these songs to be played live!



Debbie was already a great singer before she took up guitar. She started having lessons with me a few years ago. After learning the basics, she started to learn some of her favourite songs. She’s become a proficient guitarist and is now writing her own songs and recording them at home. She’s managed to master the art of home recording too!


Maisy + Bridget

I taught these two for years before they went off to uni. They introduced me to loads of cool new indie bands and we recorded loads of original music in tier lessons. Maisey played guitar and ukulele and Bridget played bass and keyboards on this track and loads more



Maddy has got me listening to loads of new Japanese metal bands. Maddy started having lessons with me as a beginner. Her lessons now mostly involve learning her favourite songs and recording her own original music. Here’s an example.


Alex and Tobias 

Rocking some Guns ‘n, Roses. They love their rock and metal :)



Playing some Oasis. Much cooler than whatever your mates at the office do for fun.